The Environment

Are you concerned about the health of our planet? Do you want to understand the relationship between human activities and their impact on biodiversity? Perhaps you are passionate about preserving wildlife habitats or being part of the sustainability movement. Do you want to be fully aware of the environmental problems facing us and be a leader in solving them? The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers majors that take an interdisciplinary approach to studying the complex interactions in the environment. So your passions and your future career can be the same thing.

Imagine yourself traveling to camp in a national park for days to study land management in a diverse environment. Take classes at the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center and learn cutting edge information to get you ahead of this fast growing industry. Then, ride up and down the Skunk River in Iowa State’s own backyard to see first-hand the impact of taking care of the environment.

Some majors that might interest you are animal ecology, environmental science, agronomy, and global resource systems. Check out the full list of majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to see the many different ways students can learn about saving the environment.

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