Maintaining the prairie

Matt Monahan

Matt Monahan (forestry) loves the variety of experiences he gained from his internships. To figure out what he wanted to do for his career, Matt took every opportunity to learn from them.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences makes it possible for students to get great work experiences like Matt did with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. Companies large and small, in a variety of agricultural and science industries, make it a priority to attend the college’s career fair. Attending this bi-annual event allows students to speak one on one with some of the biggest companies in their respective industries.

For a summer Matt worked 10 hour days clearing out invasive plants. After all of that hard work, Matt said “It’s really cool when you can stand in a field and all you can see is prairie – no roads, no poles, no buildings”. Having internships leads to networking and experience all of the possible career choices there are in that area.

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