Machinery and Technology

Do you love to solve problems? Would you like to plan and coordinate resources in manufacturing? Perhaps you are want to tinker at developing the next generation of ag equipment. Do you want to save wetland ecosystems or be comfortable working at the forefront of biorenewables? Then settle in at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We have majors perfect for the student who learns best in hands-on classes.

Imagine yourself in an electronics course, running motors for the latest agricultural equipment. See yourself making biofuels out of renewable resources. Or maybe you’ll find yourself in Germany, touring an automobile assembly line to compare German and U.S. manufacturing safety standards.

Most popular majors would include agricultural systems technology and industrial technology. But machinery and technology concepts are included in most other majors. Be sure to check out the full list of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences majors.

Student Stories

  • Mitchel Steffes

    Putting safety first

    For Mitchel, finding mentors in the form of his professors gave him a new appreciation for the challenges of the workplace.