Human Health

Do you want to be an expert in nutrition? Go to medical school? Learn how proper eating promotes good health? Maybe you are interested in food security, researching a cure to cancer, or educating the community with tips to can a garden harvest. If you have an interest in keeping people healthy, then you are in good company.

Picture sitting across the table from someone who has volunteered to share their dietary habits and allows you to analyze practices and give advice to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Learn how different vitamins affect the human body from the expert researchers. Go on a club-sponsored tour of medical schools to ask questions ahead of putting together your application. So many adventures to choose from as you pursue a career path in health care.

Majors like nutritional science, microbiology, genetics, biology, and dietetics offer the ability to take courses that meet requirements for a variety of professional schools and certifications while you learn concepts to keep the public healthy. Look at the full list of majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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