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Your career in the making begins with fascinating and challenging courses in a major you choose. But learning isn't just reading books and showing up for class. In the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences we know that learning often best happens with hands-on experiences. And while our classes feature some incredible opportunities to learn by doing, the full academic experience combines in-classroom learning with unique out-of-class opportunities to apply your skills. We call that Science With Practice.

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If you aren't exactly sure which majors are for you, we recommend exploring your options based on several key interest areas that are core to what we do in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. You'll find that even though we offer 29 different undergraduate majors, our students have a lot of interests in common and many of their majors cover a wide range of interests. If the hardest part of choosing a major is feeling like you are opting to not do other things, exploring the interest areas shows you that there are often way to do it all.

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