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People learning in the fluids lab

Machinery and Technology

Do you love to solve problems? Would you like to plan and coordinate resources in manufacturing? Perhaps you want to tinker at developing the next generation of ag equipment. Do you want to save wetland ecosystems or be comfortable working at the forefront of biorenewables? Then settle in at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We have majors perfect for the student who learns best in hands-on classes. 


Business and Policy

Do you have a knack for business and want to learn how to use market information to forecast commodity prices? Would you like to understand what help is needed to rebuild Eastern European economies? Perhaps you enjoy drafting agricultural policies, food regulations, or scouting crops for a cooperative. Would you like to learn sales techniques from the best in the business? Do you see yourself turning this knowledge into a pre-law degree?

Life Science

Discover Life Science

Are you fascinated by how organisms function and love doing hands-on research in a lab? Perhaps you want to study how species come into existence. Are you curious about the interactions between systems of a cell, and how they are regulated? Do you want to learn about emerging global diseases or maybe how heredity defines the individual -- and entire populations? Do you want to turn your passions into a pre-med degree?

Woman studying anatomy

Discover Human Health

Do you want to be an expert in nutrition? Go to medical school? Learn how proper eating promotes good health? Maybe you are interested in food security, researching a cure to cancer, or educating the community with tips to can a garden harvest. If you have an interest in keeping people healthy, then you are in good company.

Studying plants

Discover Plant Life

Are you fascinated by the diversity of plants? Perhaps you are curious about the relationships between plants, soils, and the climates of the world. Are you interested in sustainable food production, and how to make soils more productive? Maybe you want to learn how selective breeding can improve the nutrition of crops. Or maybe you’re interested in cultivating flowers or in landscape design.

Student in red Cyclone shirt holding chestnut horse

Discover Animal Life

Would you love to work with animals? Perhaps know more about their physiology and how it relates to food production. Are you interested in researching fish and wildlife? Or maybe you want to turn your passion for animals into a career in veterinary medicine. The majors you’re looking for are in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We have the top programs in the country and around the world, perfect for an adventurous mind like yours.

Environmental Science

Discover the Environment

Are you concerned about the health of our planet? Do you want to understand the relationship between human activities and their impact on biodiversity? Perhaps you are passionate about preserving wildlife habitats or being part of the sustainability movement. Do you want to be fully aware of the environmental problems facing us and be a leader in solving them?

Food systems

Discover Food Systems

Do you want to create new products that fly off the store shelves? Innovate within a product line using new ingredients? Keep food safe from food borne pathogens? Or maybe you’re interested in supervising the preparation and service of food, participating in research about consumer preferences, or regulating the food supply chain? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.