Animal Life

Would you love to work with animals? Perhaps know more about their physiology and how it relates to food production. Are you interested in researching fish and wildlife? Or maybe you want to turn your passion for animals into a career in veterinary medicine. The majors you’re looking for are in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We have the top programs in the country and around the world, perfect for an adventurous mind like yours.

Imagine yourself working with production animals on beef, dairy, sheep, swine, poultry, and equine teaching farms. Join your group of friends to sell ice cream that you made. Then volunteer with the Wildlife Care Clinic and practice treating injuries of the admitted animals. Programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences related to Animal Life offer a variety of hands-on experiences suited to your interest in all kinds of animals.

Most popular majors would include animal science, animal ecology, biology or general preveterinary medicine. But the study of animal life is not confined to these specific majors. Students with a love for animals can follow their passion in a variety of areas. Be sure to check out the full list of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences majors.

Student Stories

  • Wes Reever

    Mission: Vet School Application

    For Wes there was no other career option than to be a large animal vet. So he took care to make sure he was prepared for not only early admittance but the rigors of vet school.