Ben Miller standing next to a banner listing the names of the National Grocers Association Best Bagger Championship
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America's Best Bagger

Ben Miller, sophomore in agricultural business, can now add "America's Best Bagger" to his resume, following his success at the Best Bagger Championship last month.
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Lauren Mellenthin

Young Alum of the Month - Lauren Mellenthin

Lauren Mellenthin ('19 animal ecology) spends her days researching the evolution of gelatinous animal bodies, such as jellyfish. What she enjoys most about her job is collecting the jellyfish. She gets to scuba dive and participate in research cruises where they collect deep sea jellyfish from 3,000 meters down with a remote-operated vehicle, which she said is like peeking into another world!

Innovation in Action

Students planting small apple trees in between wooden posts

Small trees with big potential

Trees in the newly planted orchard at the Horticulture Research Station north of Ames will soon be bursting with apples thanks to an innovative growing technique. The chosen apple varieties were grafted to dwarfing rootstock and are already near their maximum height – a mere eight feet compared to the 50-foot height of traditionally grown apple trees. The new orchard will be used to demonstrate the best practices for this growing system to apple producers in Iowa.