Photos from spring 2022 CALS Convocation
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CALS Convocation Photos

Congratulations to all spring 2022 graduating students! View photos from the May 13 CALS Convocation.
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Graduating senior has passion for animals and languages

Growing up in Puerto Rico, Valeria Miranda Ortiz always loved animals. So when she decided to go to college to pursue that love, she looked to go to the U.S. The only problem was, at the time, she didn’t speak much English. Miranda Ortiz says that Iowa State was very understanding and helpful, so when she got accepted, she jumped at the chance. She worked hard to master English while also taking classes, sometimes recording lectures so she could listen to them again late at night. And all that hard work learning English led her to another passion of hers: learning languages. Since she got to Iowa State, Miranda Ortiz has since learned sign language and Portuguese as well, all while staying on track to finish her animal science degree. Read more about Miranda Ortiz's story.

Antoine Alston holding "The Legacy of the New Farmers of America" book while seated in a chair

Alumnus pens book about history of New Farmers of America

Antoine Alston (’00 PhD agricultural education and studies) recently co-wrote “The Legacy of the New Farmers of America,” a historical narrative about a national organization meant for Black farm boys studying vocational agriculture in high school. Through photos and narratives, the 127-page book looks at the structure and leadership of the NFA, as well as the impacts it had on the community before the organization merged with FFA in 1965.

Innovation in Action

Peiyang Li and Jacek Koziel

Research using UV light produces safer, cleaner air that 'smells like toothpaste'

Breathing cleaner air has become more relevant than ever in the last few years. What if, along with cleaner air, it smelled fresh and minty, too? For Iowa State University Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Professor Jacek Koziel, studying how to have clean air and reduce odor is nothing new. He has been in pursuit of healthy air quality for the last 15 years, using ultraviolet light to filter out airborne pathogens and produce air that ends up smelling like toothpaste.