Research and Demonstration Farms

Research and Demonstration Farms

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About our farms

Iowa State University manages 15 different research farms that are scattered throughout the state. The Iowa State farms are used for teaching, research and extension projects. 

As a student, you can receive hands-on educational experiences at the farms, especially those located in the Ames area. This includes the opportunity to take a farm management course where you’ll work with fellow students to manage a crop and livestock farm. 

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More than 130 Iowa State faculty members use the research and demonstration farms for various projects. Approximately 2,000 students receive hands-on learning experiences at the Iowa State farms each year.

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Ag 450 Farm

In addition to the research and demonstration farms, Iowa State is home to a student-run crop and livestock farm. Through the AGEDS 450 course, students are split into various committees to handle production, financial management, leasing agreements, public relations and other tasks required to ensure the Ag 450 Farm operates successfully.

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