Seeing outside the box

Mary Heiller

Mary Heiller (animal science) grew up in a family with a legacy of working with animals. So it wasn’t that far-fetched for her to be interested in the animal science program when she came to Iowa State. But what did surprise her was seeing the multitude of non-traditional ways she could impact the industry as she got involved.

That’s the thing about programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, they provide the cornerstone to help you develop into whatever you want. With clubs, research opportunities, and career fairs, our students create a personalized adventure perfect for their goals. They don’t just look outside the box, they get rid of it completely

Mary has had several internships she found through the career fair to help understand the variety of careers available based on her interests. But she is also a member of the college Ambassador team who represent students at events and talk about their experience to others, which gives her another set of skills. With such a wide array of experiences, Mary is ready for anything.