CALS Honors Homepage

Note:  Current CALS full Honors students should have access to the CALS Honors Canvas course and should visit this course to find orientation information and up to date forms. 

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' Honors Program provides students of high academic ability with the opportunity to extend their education and develop themselves both personally and professionally.

Upon admission to the Honors Program students will be provided with a chance to be challenged intellectually by an individualized program of study, access to graduate-level courses, and research projects.

The Honors Program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences shares these objectives of the Iowa State University Honors Program:

  • To provide maximum educational opportunity and challenge for students of high ability.
  • To recognize both the special accomplishments and the special responsibilities of those students

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Goals
The goals of the Honors Program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are:

  • To promote development of an individualized academic program of study for each Honors student through a thorough evaluation (and complete redesign if necessary) of the student’s curriculum to provide a wider range of subjects and/or to explore certain areas more deeply.
  • To stimulate independent study for the high-ability student and to provide an opportunity for full development of the student’s unique potential through completion of an Honors project.
  • To provide unique educational opportunities and promote the exchange of ideas among Honors students through Honors seminars, courses, and other activities in the College and University.