Multiple-Counting Courses in CALS

You may take one course to meet a single requirement from up to three different Areas (1, 2, or 3). For example, one course can meet both the Humanities and International Perspectives requirements.

Note: you are still required to meet the minimum number of credits for your Bachelor’s Degree program to be eligible for graduation.

 Area 1: University

 Area 2: College

 Area 3: Degree Program

  • Everything else per degree
    program / department
  • Check with your advisor for more information

Some examples of a course that will meet a single requirement from two different areas:

  • AF AM 201 (Introduction to African American Studies) – Humanities and US Diversity
  • AF AM 350 (Women of Color in the US) – Humanities and US Diversity
  • AGRON 342 (World Food Issues: Past and Present) – Ethics and International Perspectives
  • ANTHR 315 (Archaeology of North America) – Humanities and US Diversity
  • CL ST 275 (The Ancient City) – Humanities and International Perspectives
  • MUSIC 102 (Introduction to Music Listening) – Humanities and International Perspectives
  • PHIL 235 (Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society) – Ethics and US Diversity