Policies & Best Practices


These policies and documents are for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty and staff use and information. University policies are available at the link on the left. Questions and comments about College policies should be sent to Trina Zimmer at trina@iastate.edu.


Documents (PDF or .docx)

CALS and SVPP Important Deadlines
Guidelines for Engagement in Developing Countries (May 2014) (HTML) (PDF Version)
CALS Governance Document March 2017
CALS Operating Plan Fiscal Years 15-17
CALS Professional Activity Leave Agreement
Change in Policy and Procedure for Approval of New IP Addresses
CALS Policy: ISU Effort Reporting and Certification Policy - Guidelines for Direct Salary Charges for Faculty, P&S and Post-Docs for Federally-sourced Projects (April 2012)
CALS Policy on Spending from Endowed Scholarship Accounts (November 2011)
Extra-Meritorious Performance Pay Program for P&S Employees (March 2011)
Best Practices for Preparing Extra-Meritorious Performance Pay (EMPP)
Future of Academic Programs (September 2010)
Online Distance Education Revenue and Cost Management (December 2017)
Policies and Procedures for Non-Tenure-Eligible Research (NTER) Appointments in CALS (May 2008)
Policy for Graduate Student Stipend and Tuition and Implementation Guidelines (May 2010)
Policy on Special Course Fees, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (December 10, 2012)
Position Responsibility Statement (PRS) Policy Documents
P&T Portfolio Summary Template
Residual Balances on Fixed Price Awards