A blooming future

students in horticulture courtyard

For future business owner Grace Reineke (horticulture), an internship has to be more than just the work. So she was very excited when an internship at Red Granite Farm offered her not only a great learning experience in assisting customers with plant or produce purchases and daily maintenance of perennials, but also a mentor in owner Nicole Jonas (’02, horticulture) to teach her skills in ornamental horticulture and food crop production.

Grace was able to build on knowledge learned in an Iowa State class on herbaceous ornamental plants and time as an undergraduate researcher in a vegetable production lab during her internship. The varied operation at Red Granite Farm allowed Grace to learn about different perennials and how to arrange them in landscapes as well as tips when it comes to advising customers and marketing different plants. One of the best parts - seeing a plant start out as a tiny seedling and with some nurturing and time, literally see it turn into a beautiful accent in a landscape or produce delicious fruit or vegetables. This internship proved what Grace already guessed, that horticulture is all around, from the food we eat to the lawn and landscape in the yard.

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