Student Research

student in lab

Science impacts the community, the state, and even the world. But research isn’t just for the professors.   Professors often look to young scientists and professionals like you to help them get the job done. This means an opportunity for you.

In the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, many students gain valuable experience by working with their professors in labs, on teaching farms, in the office, or any other location where our diverse group of scientists work. Students are able to see concepts they learned in class as they are applied in a real world setting and often earn a paycheck for their work. Best of all, this can also create a great networking opportunity – imagine having your professor as a reference on your first job application.

Ask your academic adviser or watch departmental job boards to find on-campus work. Or, check out several programs that pair students up with relevant work opportunities: Science With Practice is an agriculture and life sciences specific work program. The University Honors 1st Year Mentor Program is an unpaid research opportunity to earn two honors course credits. CyHire is an Iowa State University system listing various employment opportunities. Explore these and other programs to find the opportunity that best fits you.