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Michael J Weber

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I have worked on a variety of aquatic systems including ponds, shallow lakes, large reservoirs, rivers, and the Laurentian Great Lakes. Regardless of the system or species, I use an integrated approach that relies upon a variety of study types, including natural field experiments, experimental manipulation, and modeling to address research questions. Although broad, my research revolves around four interconnected topics: 1) how dynamics occurring during early life stages influences fish recruitment; 2) how major ecological processes such as competition, predation, keystone species, and ecosystem engineers can structure population dynamics of fishes (recruitment, growth, and mortality) and aquatic ecosystems; 3) relationships among land use, physicochemical lake characteristics, and fish communities and population dynamics; and 4) developing unique solutions to management problems. Although broad and diverse, these research topics provide an increased understanding of aquatic ecosystem structure and function that ultimately enhances fisheries management practices.