Transfer & Articulation Committee

(also known as the Community College Relations Committee)

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Standing Committee


The Transfer and Articulation Committee is responsible for establishing and interpreting the guidelines for transfer of agricultural courses credits from Iowa Community Colleges in conjunction with the office of Admissions.

Committee Composition and Operations

Committee members are appointed by the Dean or the Dean's designee in consultation with department Chairs and the Transfer and Articulation Committee Chair. Six faculty members and one student are voting members. The term of faculty membership is three years with approximately one-third of the committee rotating off each year. No more than two consecutive terms may be served. The student member is appointed for a one-year term which may be renewed. The committee members elect the Chair.


  • Barb Clawson, Horticulture (Chair)
  • Amy Brandau, Economics
  • Jennifer Bundy, Animal Science
  • Kelsey Powell, Animal Science
  • Ben Chamberlain, Agricultural Education & Studies
  • Amanda Chung, Natural Resource Ecology & Management
  • Emily Kapler, Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
  • Stephanie Zumbach, Agronomy
  • Kevin Duerfeldt, Global Resource Systems
  • Sarah Bender Miller, Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Timothy Hauber, Admissions
  • Katy Heineman, CALS administration
  • Carmen Bain, CALS administration
  • CALS Transfer Student Ambassador

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