Technology Advancement Committee

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Standing Committee


The Technology Advancement Committee provides recommendations on expenditures of student computer fees and other technology-related programs.

Committee Composition and Operations

Committee members are appointed by the Dean or the Dean's designee in consultation with department Chairs and the Technology Advancement Committee Chair. Six faculty members, four undergraduate students, and 2 graduate students are voting members. The term of faculty membership is three years with approximately one-third of the committee rotating off each year. No more than two consecutive terms may be served. The student members are appointed for a one-year term which may be renewed. The committee members elect the Chair.


  • Ruth MacDonald, Associate Dean, Personnel and Finance (Chair)
  • Sandy Andrews, Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Jon Davis, Agricultural Education and Studies
  • Peter Wolter, Natural Resource Ecology and Management
  • Karl Kerns, Animal Science
  • Nir Keren, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Karenna Petersen, undergraduate student, Horticulture
  • Alex Cecil, undergraduate student, Agronomy
  • Kayla White, undergraduate student, Agronomy
  • Katherine Klein, undergraduate student, Biology
  • Ezra Butcher, graduate student, Economics
  • CJ Carter, graduate student, CALS Diversity Programs

Committee on the Advancement of Student Technology for Learning Enhancement (CASTLE)