Professional Development Committee

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The Professional Development Committee is responsible for facilitating the professional growth of faculty, professional and scientific employees, staff and administrators. This involves evaluating proposals or nominations for various professional development grants and awards, assessing professional development needs, and developing and overseeing programs to meet those needs. For example, this committee reviews and ranks Foreign Travel grant applications that are then forwarded to the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Recognition and Development.

Committee Composition and Operations

Faculty members are appointed by the Dean or the Dean's designee in consultation with department Chairs and the Professional Development Committee Chair. Four faculty and one student are voting members. The term of faculty membership is three years with approximately one-third of the committee rotating off each year. No more than two consecutive terms may be served. The student member is appointed to a 1-year term that may be renewed. The committee members elect the Chair. The Chair or his/her designee represents the committee on the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Recognition and Development.


  • Anna Johnson, Animal Science (Chair)
  • Cynthia Haynes, Horticulture
  • Donald Lewis, Entomology
  • Jan Thompson, Natural Resource Ecology & Management
  • Ebby Luvaga, Economics