Outcomes Assessment Subcommittee

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The College's Student Outcomes Assessment Committee (SOAC) operates as subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee. The SOAC meets independent of the Curriculum Committee and provides an annual report to it concerning the student outcomes assessed in the previous year, the results of that assessment and makes recommendations on changes needed to continually improve student achievement of the College's core student outcomes.

The SOAC is responsible for assisting the College and departments in designing and implementing sound outcomes assessment programs that improve student learning and continuously improve the College's curricula. The SOAC seeks out best practices in assessment and shares those with the departments in the College. It reviews the College's core outcomes periodically and recommends changes to the College Curriculum Committee.

Committee Composition and Operations

The committee consists of a representative from each department's student outcomes assessment committee, the College's Associate Dean for Academic and Global programs and the Director of Ag and Life Sciences Student Services who chairs the committee. The Associate Dean, Director of Student Services and at least one departmental representative are also members of the College Curriculum Committee.


  • Leonor Leandro, Plant Pathology and Microbiology (chair)
  • Smaranda Andrews, Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Fernando Miguez, Agronomy
  • Janette Thompson, Natural Resource Ecology and Management
  • Saxon Ryan, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Kevin Duerfeldt, GLOBE