Academic Affairs Committee

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Departmental Representative


The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for ensuring that the College has quality advising and career placement services, and establishing and enforcing the College academic standards and admission policies.

Committee Composition and Operations

The Academic Affairs Committee has one voting faculty or staff member from each department. The committee also includes one student appointed by the Dean. All representatives serve potentially renewable one-year terms. Faculty and staff may serve on the Academic Affairs Committee for more than two consecutive terms provided they meet the other criterion specified for membership in other College committees. The College Classification and Career Services officers serve as ex-officio members.

The committee Chair and Vice Chair are selected by the committee; the Vice Chair will normally serve as Chair the following year. The committee Chair (and/or a designee) represents the College on the Faculty Senate Academic Standards Committee and the University Advising Committee.


  • Jodie Sterle (chair)
  • Tamara Kerns, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Ben Chamberlain, Agricultural Education & Studies
  • Heidi Ackerman, Agronomy
  • Justin Chapman, Animal Science
  • Alan DiSpirito, Biochemistry, Biophysics¬†& Molecular Biology
  • Ebby Luvaga, Economics
  • Maggie Sprecher, Global Resource Systems
  • Barb Clawson, Horticulture
  • John Burnett, Natural Resource Ecology & Management
  • Nancy Boury, Plant Pathology and Microbiology
  • Howard Tyler, administration liaison
  • Charley Turner,¬†administration liaison
  • Andy Zehr, administration liaison
  • Jodi Cornell, administration liaison
  • Mike Gaul, administration liaison
  • Elizabeth Martinez-Podolsky, administration liaison

Minutes (PDF)