College Named Faculty Positions

The exceptional faculty honored by these named positions do vital teaching, research, extension and service for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University and the state of Iowa. These named and endowed positions are among the most prestigious at the university, and recognize the excellence of the faculty who hold them. Named and endowed positions are made possible through the tremendous generosity of college alumni, friends and supporters

Endowed Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Wendy Wintersteen
First Endowed Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Professor of Entomology
Lloyd Anderson Endowed Professorship in Physiology
Jason Ross
Associate Professor of Animal Science
The Laurence H. Baker Chair in Biological Statistics
Dan Nettleton
Distinguished Professor of Statistics
Raymond and Mary Baker Chair in Global Agriculture
David Acker
Associate Dean and Professor of Agricultural Education & Studies
Robert E. Buchanan Distinguished Chair of Bacteriology
Gwyn Beattie
Professor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Roy J Carver Chair in BBMB
Amy Andreotti
Professor of BBMB
Roy J Carver Charitable Trust Professorship
Kristen Johansen
Chair Dept of BBMB and Professor
Marlin Cole Professorship
Sergio Lence
Professor of Economics
Frances M. Craig Professorship
Basil Nikolau
Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology
William K Deal Agricultural Innovation Faculty Fellowship
Zhiyou Wen
Associate Professor of Food Science & Human Nutrition
Dean's Professorship in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Matthew Helmers
Professor of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
M. E. Ensminger International Chair
Max Rothschild
Distinguished Professor of Animal Science
William T. Frankenberger Professorship in Soil Science
Michael Castellano
Associate Professor of Agronomy
James and Clare Frevert Ag450 Fellowship
Robert Neil Frutchey
K. J. Frey Chair in Agronomy
Thomas Lubberstedt
Professor of Agronomy
Global Professorship in Biotechnology
Kan Wang
Professor of Agronomy
Global Professor in Global Resource Systems
Gail Nonnecke
University and Morrill Professor of Horticulture
Dale D. Grosvenor Endowed Chair
Karin Dorman
Professor of Statistics and GDCB
Eldred and Donna Harman Endowed Professorship in Animal Science Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Jodi Sterle
Associate Professor of Animal Science
Harmon Family Professorship in Forestry
Mike Weber
Professor of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Iowa Corn Promotion Board Endowed Chair in Genetics/Baker Professorship in Agronomy
Pat Schnable
Distinguished Professor of Agronomy
Iowa Egg Council Endowed Professorship
Hongwei Xin
Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Iowa Institute for Cooperatives Economic Professorship
Keri Jacobs
Assistant Professor of Economics
Norman Jacobson Professorship in Dairy Science
Lance Baumgard
Professor of Animal Science
Kinze Manufacturing Fellowship in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Matthew Darr
Associate Professor
Kinze Manufacturing Professorship in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Stuart Birrell
Associate Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Jean Bacon Louis Professorship in Food Science and Human Nutrition
Tong Wang
Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition
Monsanto Chair in Soybean Breeding
Asheesh "Danny" Singh
Assistant Professor of Agronomy
Morrison Chair in Meat Science
Joseph Sebranek
Distinguished Professor of Animal Science
Charles R and Jane F Olsen Professorship in Engineering
Steve Mickelson
Professor and Chair of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Pioneer Hi-Bred Internatoinal Agribusiness Endowment Chair
Dermot Hayes
Professor of Economics
Pioneer Hi-Bred Chair in Science and Technology Policy
GianCarlo Moschini
Professor of Economics
Pioneer Hi-Bred Distinguished Chair in Maize Breeding
Jianming Yu
Associate Professor of Agronomy
Pioneer Professorship in Molecular Biology of Maize
Thomas Peterson
Professor of Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology
Pioneer Hi Bred Agronomy Professorship
Gene Takle
Professor of Agronomy
President's Chair in Environmental Economics
Cathy Kling
Distinguished Professor of Economics
Bruce Rastetter Chair in Agricultural Entrepreneurship
Kevin Kimle
Senior Lecturer of Economics
Seed Science Endowed Chair
Manjit Misra
Professor of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Smithfield Foods Chair in Meat Science Extension
Joe Cordray
Professor of Animal Science
George F. Sprague Chair in Agronomy
William Beavis
Professor of Agronomy
Mary and Charles Sukup Global Professor in Food Security
Thomas Brumm
Associate Professor of Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering
John F. Timmons Endowed Professorship in Environmental and Resource Economics
Quinn Weninger
Professor of Economics
Henry A. Wallace Endowed Chair for Sustainable Agriculture
Matt Liebman
Professor of Agronomy
George Washington Carver Chair
Andrew Manu
Professor of Agronomy