BioCentury Research Farm

The BioCentury Research Farm is the first-in-the-nation integrated research and demonstration facility dedicated to biomass production and processing. On your tour you will see different work spaces and hear about the innovations from both faculty and students.

Horticulture Hall Greenhouse

If you are interested in getting a wide-scale look at Iowa State's horticultural greenhouses, this is the tour for you. Learn more about what this department has to offer!

Insect Zoo: Available to (virtually) come to a classroom near you

With so many variations of in-person and online learning going on, staff at Iowa State University’s Insect Zoo don’t want students to miss out on the opportunity to learn about bugs.

The Insect Zoo is offering virtual Live with Bugs programs that can be tailored to fit the needs of any learning plan. These one-hour, entertaining and educational programs can be offered via Zoom, Google Classroom, or another online platform.

Ginny Mitchell, Insect Zoo Education Program Coordinator, said there are several delivery options to consider:

Presentation of Graduates

Global Resource Systems [PDF]
Natural Resource Ecology and Management (Animal Ecology, Forestry) [PDF]

Presentation of Graduates

Biochemistry [PDF]
Environmental Science/Environmental Studies [PDF]
Food Science and Human Nutrition (Culinary Food Science, Dietetics, Food Science, Nursing, Nutritional Science) [PDF]

Presentation of Graduates

Animal Science and
Dairy Science

Presentation of Graduates

Agricultural Education and Studies (Agricultural and Life Sciences Education, Agricultural Studies) [PDF]
Sociology (Agriculture and Society) [PDF]

Presentation of Graduates

Economics (Agricultural Business) [PDF]
Biology [PDF]

Presentation of Graduates

Agricultural Biosystems Engineering (Agricultural Systems Technology, Industrial Technology) [PDF
Agronomy [PDF]

Recognition of Senior Awards: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council
  • Emily Franciskato (genetics), Academic Achievement Award
  • Maddy McGarry (ag and life sciences education, international ag), Outstanding Ambassador of Agriculture and Life Sciences Award
  • Isabella Shehab (global resource systems), Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
  • Laura Mincks (ag and life sciences education), Distinguished Service Award
  • Alyssa Dougherty (dietetics, global resource systems), Outstanding Senior Award
  • McKenna Brinning (animal science), Leadership Excellence Award