Other Funding Sources

In addition to Iowa State University and Ames community funding sources, there may be organizations that express interest in funding student organzations specifically related to agricultural and life sciences areas of study. It's important to remember that these organizations consider such funding an investment in the future of their industry and an opportunity to connect with their future workforce.  In many cases, support of your student club may be just one of many ways in which the organization invests in Iowa State and specifically the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

If you are interested in approaching industry partners for grants, sponsorships or other funding opportunities, we encourage you to collaborate with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Development Office. In many cases, the development team may have some context about the giving priorities of the organizations you are seeking funding from and can help you shape your proposal.

Other Funding Sources

CHS Foundation Mini-grants

The CHS Foundation grants up to $1,000 to innovative academic and leadership programs that strengthen student learning and enhance professional development. Examples include: leadership training opportunities, mentorship programs, professional development experiences and student fundraising efforts. The CHS Foundation provides these funds to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to be selected through our student club funding program.

Student eligibility and funding criteria:

  • Must be a campus-sanctioned club/organization
  • Must have an agricultural-related focus
  • Club/organization may receive only one grant per academic semester
  • An advisor must be listed as a contact
  • Regular and ongoing club expenses are ineligible

Interested organizations should apply for CALS student club funding. The CHS Foundation  supports agricultural students at 24 partner colleges across the US. Because of this extensive network, the CHS Foundation prefers interested student organizations apply through their own college office to ensure consistent eligibility and reporting requirements are met.


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Club Funding

Policies for Student Organization Funding from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Funding from the college is available for club travel to national meetings, competitions, and conferences for professional development of members
  • Funding is not available for regular and ongoing club expenses
  • Clubs will only be eligible to receive funding once per year
  • The maximum amount of funding is $1000
  • College funds must always be matched 1:1 by other sources
  • Funds will be applied as a reimbursement for club expenses after the event occurs

If your funding request complies with the above policies, please fill out the Student Organization Request for Funds Form and return it to the Student Services office, 0020 Curtiss Hall.

Student Club Funds Request Form.doc


Club Funding

Funding is available to student organizations for a variety of activities including conferences, travel, and professional development of members.

Student organizations in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences looking for extra funding should look into various sources from the college, the university, or private industry.

  • College Funding - Funding from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • University Funding - Funding from university student organization resources

  • Other Funding Sources - Funding from other organizations specifically interested in supporting students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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