Study abroad, building supportive relationships


Being an international student, Kritika Chopra (industrial technology), native to India, sometimes found it difficult to interact with other students and make new friends when first arriving at Iowa State.

After participating in her first study abroad experience she became more confident in talking with other students on the travel course as well as students on campus. Kritika feels that studying abroad has not only benefited her in many ways, but has also given her the opportunity to share her cultural background from India with other students while abroad as they compared and contrasted different countries and learned first-hand about a variety of cultures and lifestyles.

Studying abroad through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences allows students to step out of their comfort zone while making new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Study Abroad Office is here to support students interested in studying abroad by assisting with advising and guiding them through their entire experience. The office also provides scholarship support to help offset the cost of studying abroad.