Standout with a study abroad


Amanda Gorzney (agricultural communication, global resource systems) has always had a passion for a global career helping others.

Arriving at Iowa State, Amanda learned about a service learning opportunity in the U.S. Virgin Islands that would allow her to be immersed in another culture while learning about the island’s rich heritage, that is still present today. The experiences she embarked on during her study abroad opportunity became a major talking point for Amanda, as it stands out on her résumé and pushes her to think outside of the box during classroom discussions. Her service learning opportunity reminded Amanda to be open to new experiences and activities while respecting the different cultures around the world.

Study abroad experiences help students standout professionally during internship or job interviews. Employers appreciate a student’s ability to step-out of their comfort zone and experience different cultures, develop valuable skills while building their resume. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Study Abroad Office even provides a workshop for students to learn how to include a study abroad experience on their resume and when talking with potential employers.