Seeing the future of crop production

man squatting down in field

Jarrett Stoner (agronomy) is one of those people always thinking about the future, specifically the future of crop production. In every class and activity, Jarrett is thinking about how that information could influence the future. His first look into the future comes through participating in Agronomy Club where he can hear from guest speakers in the industry, learn about different opportunities in agronomy, and network with peers who would become professionals ahead of him.

An internship as an Agronomy Research Plot Technician with WinField United provided Jarrett a view of the ways research is conducted and how the data is made easily available to producers through a website called Answer Plot. As part of the internship, Jarrett could assist with planting, collecting soil and tissue samples, spray chemical trials, conduct stand count, and assist with general maintenance of the WinField Answer Plots. If the future is technology for producers to view data, Jarrett has a sneak peek.

Internships are a great way for students to see how concepts from textbooks work in the industry. Students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) obtain internships by attending career fairs, through clubs, and even from faculty connections.