The right career path

Chancelor Wiese

Growing up on the cattle operation his family has owned for years, Chancelor Wiese (agricultural studies) was instilled with the tradition of agriculture. When deciding to continue the tradition, he looked no further than Iowa State.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is giving Chancelor the opportunity to study many important areas relevant to the future of agriculture. That knowledge served him well as he talked to companies at the largest agricultural career fair where he secured internships at AMVC Veterinary Services working with a cast array of livestock and Iowa Select Farms as an Animal Well-Being and Biosecurity Specialist.

These internships laid groundwork for Chancelor to decide what he wants to do next, pursuing a veterinarian technician degree or returning to help run the family cattle operation. No matter the choice, with knowledge of agriculture and connections through career services, Chancelor will be ready for anything.