Putting safety first

Mitchel Steffes

Mitchel Steffes (industrial technology), like many people, had never understood the importance of workplace safety. Once he started taking classes, he very quickly found that both companies and employees see safety in a negative light. So it became his personal mission to help people understand the importance of investing in a safety culture.

Here in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, mentors come in all shapes and forms. It could be the faculty teaching classes who open your eyes to important ideas. It could be the peer mentor of a learning community who shared with you what was so exciting about being a student. Or it could be the person who helped you find an internship.

Through his education at Iowa State and the people he met while here, Mitchel has become held in high regard by safety professionals. No matter what you want to do, the connections from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will help connect you far and wide.

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