One passion, many paths

Jenna Rasmusson

From the beginning Jenna Rasmusson (agronomy) was interested in the environment. She was determined to be working on evolving systems currently in use to make them more sustainable. When she started clicking around online to look at agronomy, just out of curiosity, it seemed right. The number of career paths really got Jenna thinking about the different opportunities she had to impact the environment.

Having no agricultural background, Jenna started feeling behind as she began classes. But that didn’t last thanks to an internship she got right away as a crop scout. Working as a crop scout, Jenna added a passion for agriculture to her passion for the environment and was able to learn from employers as well as the farmers she worked with directly. This led to another internship, but now she would do research on micronutrient applications on corn and soybeans, which has led to an interest in grad school.

Students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences mix and match majors, minors, and experiences to create the path to their career goals. The choices they make influence career goals and provide real experiences to help them refine their true passion on the way to a meaningful and life-long career.