The life of the lab

Alanna Hennen

Alanna Hennen (microbiology) is a modern-day detective, at least in the laboratory. She has made a game for herself out of using symptoms to match a disease, then a potential causative agent that is so small it isn’t able to be detected without the use of a microscope. But her favorite part is the trial and error of the laboratory tests which prove if she is correct.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers hands-on experiences in state-of-the-art laboratories and on teaching farms allowing students the chance to not only learn a concept from a book or lecture but to practice and see it for real.

Alanna was one of the 28 students selected from over 100 applicants to participate in the Summer Lab Science Student 10-week program at the prestigious Mayo Clinic where she honed her detective skills as part of a team analyzing samples. As a detective among many, Alanna had the chance to serve others who need help and that was her real “Aha!” moment.