Laboratory enthusiast

Brandi Malchow

In high school Brandi Malchow (agricultural biochemistry) had a love of science, math, and biology. But she also had agricultural roots that were fostered through participation in FFA. In short, she loved everything.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences takes pride in a wealth of course offerings and opportunities for students to follow their passion. Our students are stars in the laboratory, the field, and leaders of the group. No matter how many passions you have, Iowa State will help you find the perfect combination.

Brandi found agricultural biochemistry had elements of all of her passions. It combined science and math to help further the understanding of human, plant and animal life. Now, she is poised with knowledge to make as much a difference in others’ lives as the people at Iowa State made in hers. Read more about Brandi’s enthusiasm for Iowa State's  biochemistry program.