Lab-based learning

Jeffery Williams

Jeffery Williams (microbiology) knew that he learned best by doing - particularly in lab settings. After all, not every student would list a challenging organic chemistry course among their all time favorite classes. So it's no wonder that Jeffery found his adventure to be in the microbiology major. They have a strong lab focus with plenty of opportunity to assist with research.

The interesting thing about that research is that the better you are at it, the more you have the opportunity to showcase it outside the lab. For Jeffrey, this meant the chance to present his work at the Iowa State Capitol building in an annual event hosted by the Iowa State honors program called Research at the Capitol.

Jeffrey was able to present his poster - Using Microbes to Enhance Plant Drought Tolerance - to legislators throughout the day. But more importantly, he was able to share his enthusiasm for research. This will serve him well as he continues his adventure to become a professor.

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