Future cyclone, future teacher

Elisa Russ

It could be said that Elisa Russ (agricultural and life sciences education – teacher certification) has a passion for agricultural education, but that would be only part of the story. With role models in her father and older sister, both teachers and FFA advisers, Elisa knew well the impact of educators. So she took it to heart when they both encouraged her to get involved in service and leadership opportunities throughout high school and as she prepared for college.

The Fred Foreman Scholarship for Growth in Leadership Participation is one of the many scholarships students may receive in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). As a student, Elisa received this scholarship which emphasizes participation, particularly in leadership roles, outside of the classroom in student organizations.

Through an internship with the National Teach Ag Campaign, Elisa traveled promoting agriculture and life science education, reaffirming her desire to join the ranks of educators who make such an impact in the lives of their students.  During her internship, her year as president of the Iowa FFA Association, and now to her own students, Elisa is passing on the best advice she had ever received, in and out of the classroom.