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Eric Coddington

Eric Coddington (agronomy) grew up on a farm in central Wisconsin learning the basics of the operation from his father at a young age. Through participation in his FFA chapter, he learned about the agronomic issues which impact farming and became interested in ways to improve food production and land efficiency.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences gives you the opportunity to pursue your passions and provides a foundation of classes to help you think about the future. The variety of opportunities outside the classroom contributes to student learning.

As a member of the soils team, Eric is developing in-depth knowledge of a wealth of agronomic topics. He competes against soils teams from across the nation in events that test his knowledge of soils and allows him to climb into soil pits to see a variety of fields firsthand. This experience will provide insights he will be able to apply as he returns home to the family farm to improve crop production and efficiency.

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