Experience global situations firsthand, study abroad


Danielle Youngblut (agricultural business, advertising) had the opportunity to travel to Europe during high school and was interested in looking at an opportunity to return when she arrived at Iowa State.

Danielle decided that she would participate in a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Study Abroad program to the United Kingdom. The 2-week Brexit program allowed Danielle to travel to the United Kingdom during a time that will go down in history. Through this study abroad experience, Danielle was able to personally experience the complicated situation and observe the opinions an uncertainty of the locals while also having the opportunity to connect with peers and create personal bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.

Study abroad offers hands-on learning experiences that allow students to gain cross-cultural skills while learning about current economic situations. Students that study abroad gain the ability to become global citizens by stepping out of their comfort zone and learning how to become more independent and resourceful.