Continuing the tradition

Adelai Swanson

Adelai Swanson (agricultural business) grew up in a family with generations of Cyclones. Her father graduated with a degree in agricultural business, so it is no surprise that she was highly encouraged to pursue a similar path. But she still wanted to blaze her own trail. She got active across campus, participating in and holding leadership positions in many different clubs and organizations.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) has a long standing tradition of clubs and organizations with a quality reputation around campus and in the national spotlight. Clubs can provide an outlet for hobbies, a place to gain leadership experience, and be a source for networking.

Just like her father before her, Adelai served as president of the Agricultural Business Club. Though the club looked different between the two terms, the expectation for excellence and opportunity for professional development hadn’t changed, nor has the club adviser. To date, the club has won 15 Outstanding National Club awards, in large part as a testament to the successful student leaders and dedication of club members.

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