Career building blocks

student standing in front of corn field

It takes more than a winning personality to be good at sales. That’s why Trentin Moeller (agricultural business) is getting as many internships and leadership experiences as he possibly can while he is a student. Whether serving as Logistics Co-Chair on the Homecoming Central Committee or as Agronomy Intern at Hefty Seed Company, each experience builds upon one another to provide a strong foundation to draw upon for a career in seed and crop protection sales.

At his internship, Trentin expected to grow his knowledge in agronomy, which he did learning about consistent research programs through the whole growing season and evaluating fields, but he didn’t necessarily expect to practice relationship building. Serving on Homecoming Central, Trentin was on the front lines creating relationships communicating with volunteers who helped execute plans and with different offices on campus or community vendors to make everything run smoothly. Those skills spilled into Trentin’s internship while he was interacting and strengthening relationships with producers.

Students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) don’t just learn in the classroom. Other out of classroom activities like clubs, undergraduate research, and internships offer even more skill development, making students ready to take on the world.