The business of fish

David Livingston

David Livingston (animal ecology) knew he was passionate about the outdoors, most importantly the wildlife that bring the earth to life. But when he came to Iowa State, that passion only provided a vague direction. Then he was introduced to the world of aquaculture, otherwise known as fish farms, in an internship found through the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative (Ag EI), which is designed to support start-ups.

With an internship at Eagles Catch, LLP, one of the largest indoor recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in the U.S, David learned that creativity was key in aquaculture. His projects included designing a screen to help prevent losing any fish. The expertise he gained at Eagles Catch led to opportunities with another start-up fish farm that not only focuses on fish farming but new technologies, as it seeks to become competitive in a growing industry.

Whether you have a business idea for a start-up or just want to develop your creativity and learn new skills, the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative offers students a variety of opportunities to participate through courses, events, internships, and an incubator program.