Biofuel brilliance

Kelsey Vincent

It took Kelsey Vincent (agricultural systems technology) a little time to realize what her passion was. A little time—and some timely advice from professor Tom Brumm. Knowing Kelsey’s interests, he suggested a transfer to agricultural systems technology. That way she could use her engineering knowledge to develop new biofuels—an emerging field with a limitless future.

At the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, our professors take the time to give personal attention to students, helping them discover studies and career options that are the right fit for them. It's one of many reasons why we have an incredible 97 percent placement rate upon graduation.

Professor Brumm's advice led to a teaching assistant position in the Department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering that allowed Kelsey to show other students how to make biofuels. Kelsey is now doing challenging work with the nation’s leading biodiesel producer and marketer.