Be inspired by surroundings

Sean Lundy

Sleeping at the base of a 2,000-year old Redwood in Redwood National Park while he was in high school inspired Sean Lundy (global resource systems) to seek a career in international development. Knowing he wanted to make a difference in the world led Sean to Iowa State University.

Scholarships in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences allowed Sean to have international experiences in Uganda and Panama which prepared him for an internship in Washington, DC. Through each experience, he learned more about politics, culture, and funding, all of which impact international development.

Founder of the Iowa State Global Health and AIDS Coalition, Sean has traveled to Washington DC, Panama and Uganda to help those with the disease. Today, he is still making a difference and is committed to working for the Peace Corps in Togo where he will help efforts in prevention of HIV/AIDS and malaria.

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