Agriculture storyteller

Haley Banwart

Living on a farm all her life taught Haley Banwart (agriculture and life sciences education - communications) to have a strong appreciation for the land that continues to provide for Iowa’s most important industry: agriculture. So when it came time to pick a career path, Haley knew she wanted to communicate the importance of the industry and to do that she would need to become an experienced storyteller.

Through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, students have access to career fairs and networking opportunities to help them on the way to their dream job. Practice is key and students gain experience through internships and hands-on experience in the classroom.

Haley had three internship experiences with vastly different companies, practicing writing stories. She has worked with MaxYield Cooperative, Our Iowa Magazine, and in the college. With all this practice, Haley is on her way to becoming an expert storyteller