Adventure = Discovering Dentistry

Claire Campbell

After growing up helping her grandpa give shots to baby cows, take in every stray animal she saw, and watch knee surgery videos on You-Tube, Claire Campbell (biology) always thought she would be a veterinarian or family physician. But to her surprise, something about that career path didn’t quite feel right, despite her desire to pursue a career in the medical field.

Following her freshman year at Iowa State, she was asked to work as a receptionist at the dental office in her small hometown and accepted though she didn’t have much interest in the field. Curiosity of the work being done behind the front desk led Claire to shadow the dentist and she was hooked. She found the profession combined the three things she liked best – science, art and people. Now a dental assistant, Claire is preparing her application to dental school.

In the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State, majors like biology, genetics, biochemistry, nutritional science, animal ecology, all have the ability to provide the required coursework necessary for application to medical pre-professional schools like dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, physical therapy.

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