Meet Our Students

Matt Burt

Marshalltown, Iowa

He tried out for the Cy position just to say he’d been Cy for 15 minutes. Instead he made the elite team of seven students.

Callie Schultes

Rolfe, Iowa

I learned that even if the war on hunger doesn’t become my life’s work, whatever my calling, I must have the same enthusiasm as the researchers I met.

Justin Edwards

Boone, Iowa

After working summers in New Mexico; I realized my true passion was to actively manage ecological systems and teach forestry concepts.

Carly showing a pig

Carly Martin

Marion, Iowa

This summer I interned with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Communications Service. I’ve written about research in the college, my experiences and the experiences of other students.

Jennifer Blaser

Bettendorf, Iowa

I participated in a two-week medical mission to Costa Rica and Nicaragua through an organization called International Service Learning.

Sam Bird

Ames, Iowa

Spending six weeks in Uganda shaped my perspective on rural development...

Allix Tenold

Northwood, Iowa

Be open to the many opportunities at Iowa State. They are truly endless and can open up new interests, hobbies and goals.

Sagar Chawla

Urbandale, Iowa

I chose biology and global resource systems because together these majors serve as a strong foundation for my future pursuits in medicine and health policy.

Nate Looker

Des Moines, Iowa

I've traveled to four countries, photographed the insides of a tiny seed with a scanning electron microscope, used a staircase as a musical instrument, and learned to discern a Riesling from a Tokaji.

Renee Zbynski

Harvard, Ill

I am from Illinois, and the out-of-state tuition was actually comparable to in-state tuition at the land grant university there.