Scott Henry

Nevada, Iowa
Why Iowa State
I came to Iowa State for three reasons. The first was Salt Company. Faith is a very important part of my life and I wanted to go to a school that had a college ministry that would push me to continue growing this aspect of my life. The second reason is the Farm House Fraternity.  The fraternity allows me to have a support group that provides encouragement, support and pushes me to always strive for excellence in everything. The third reason is the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. How could I turn down an offer to attend a university that is boasted as one of the top agricultural colleges in the nation and only 20 minutes from my hometown?
Study Abroad
I have traveled to 12 countries and five have been through Iowa State travel courses, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Greece, and Taiwan.  I also traveled to China and Vietnam through FFA and Thailand and Panama, through church programs. I also spent time traveling through Italy, Austria, and Germany with only a backpack and a passport.
Studying abroad and gaining international experience is incredibly valuable to me.  It has allowed me to experience new cultures, get outside my comfort zone, meet new people and develop some incredible stories that will last a lifetime. As a student it has allowed me to gain a new perspective on things and understand the "big picture." It seems like everything is going "global" and if you have a study abroad experience you've already placed yourself above those who haven't in the eyes of an employer. I would recommend that everyone study abroad or at least travel outside the U.S. if they get the chance.  Not only does it help develop valuable skills from an employment perspective, but it also allows you to grow as a person as well.
Incoming Students
I would tell students that Iowa State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is one of only two or three in the nation that has its own study abroad office. There are many opportunities to travel and see the world through the eyes of the agriculture industry.  The college also boasts some of the strongest departments in the nation for ag business, animal science, ag education, ag systems technology and turf grass management while remaining in the bottom bracket for tuition costs.  Who could turn all that down‽