Samir A'agha

Caguas, Puerto Rico
My Experiences
The opportunities and resources offered by the university, the faculty, the classes and the extracurricular activities have not only helped me professionally, but personally as well. It's been really easy for me to get involved in activities I like, which are also related to my major. There have been endless opportunities and activities that have helped me along this journey as a student. I've learned that it's just a matter of taking every opportunity offered and making the most of it.
What I Enjoy about Iowa State
I really enjoy Iowa State because you can try new things daily. My first year of college had a big impact on me because of the sudden change of language, culture, and especially weather. But as time passed I started meeting people with similar experiences and people that helped me to adapt and enjoy my college experience. Currently, I try to help other students so their experience at Iowa State is as good as mine. I am currently a teacher's assistant for one of the animal science classes and the ambassador for the Puerto Rican Student Association. There are numerous opportunities for every kind of person. I am really glad I choose Iowa State for my professional preparation.
Why I Majored in Animal Science
I picked animal science because I have always wanted to work for the well-being of animals. This major provides me with every aspect related to animals, from how the industry is managed to the anatomy and physiology of the animals.
My Future Plans
I plan to apply to attend veterinary school, become a small animal veterinarian and have my own private clinic. I would also like to attain an M.S. or a Ph.D in animal science. Since my home country doesn't have an animal science program or a veterinary school I would like to start a program of animal science at the University of Puerto Rico, which could help open a veterinary school in the future.