Rita Cook

Hubbard, Iowa
Why I came to Iowa State?
I grew up on a diversified crop and livestock farm in central Iowa. My experiences on the farm and in 4-H and FFA led me to Iowa State, as I knew that I wanted to pursue my passion for agriculture wholeheartedly.
Why I chose my majors and what I like about that choice?
When I started at Iowa State as a freshman, I knew that I loved agriculture and also enjoyed business, so the Agricultural Business major was a fairly natural choice. As the year progressed, I learned about other opportunities Iowa State offered. In the end, I chose to triple-major in agricultural business, economics, and public service and administration in agriculture. All three curriculums have some similarities, but yet enough differences to allow me to take a wide diversity of courses.
My experiences?
While “college” itself may consist of classes to attend, homework to do, and exams to pass, my “college career” has been so much more. My adventures have taken me all over—from a Hollywood game show, to a NASCAR Race, to a convention in Texas, to a BBQ Battle in the nation’s capital. 
On-campus, I have had the opportunity to participate and hold leadership positions in the Agricultural Business Club, Rodeo Club and Cyclone Stampede Rodeo Committee. In 2007, I had the honor to serve as the Iowa Pork Queen where I traveled all over the state and nation promoting the consumption of pork and educating the public about agriculture. I was able to attend the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) conference three years and had the opportunity to meet future leaders from various parts of the country.
My classes, involvement in clubs and other experiences have provided me with countless networking opportunities, and I have met some of the neatest people and made lifelong friends as a result.
My “college career” has also consisted of several work experiences. I have had the opportunity to intern with Farmers Cooperative Company, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Equine Marketing Group and the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers.
Overall, I feel that the last four years of my life have prepared me to succeed and I am excited to see what the future holds for not only me, but more importantly the agricultural industry!
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