Renee Zbynski

Harvard, Ill
Why I chose ISU and Agriculture Communications
I am from Illinois and the out-of-state tuition was actually comparable to in-state tuition at the land grant university there. Couple that with the amazing agriculture programs, gorgeous campus, and overall convenience of campus the choice was obvious! I had to be a Cyclone! Living in a rural community and participating in 4-H developed my love for agriculture. I also had a knack for news writing and public speaking. When I found out about the agriculture communications option here, I knew it was a perfect fit for me. Agriculture communications is a great major if you have a passion for agriculture and love writing, promotions and speaking. This is a degree that will set you up for a wide range of careers. Even if you aren't 100 percent sure about what you want to do after graduating, the classes you take and skills you learn in this major can be applied to all sorts of careers.
Favorite College Experience
I love Ag Week!! We have BBQ's on campus, an ag rodeo and t-shirts are made to celebrate the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. This year we made a campus-wide event, "Flannel Freakin' Friday", where student wore flannel to celebrate and show support for the College. 
Reiman Gardens Internship Program was listed on the Career Management Services (CMS) website. If it weren’t for CMS I would have never found out about this experience. I applied for 3 different internships at Reiman Gardens, and after an interview, discovered I was selected for the entomology internship. The unique part of interning with Reiman Gardens was that the summer was structured in a truly educational format. While each intern worked most of week in their area, on Thursdays we met and learned about other aspects of the garden, we also worked on group projects and went on field trips in Ames and the Des Moines area.  I would definitely recommend students apply for an internship at Reiman Gardens. They have a great program, several areas to work in, and you can stay in Ames and take a summer class while working there. 
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