Nate Looker

Des Moines, Iowa
It’s an Adventure
The ISU "Choose Your Adventure" ad campaign is spot on. Actually, it understates everything you can do at ISU. In three years, I've traveled to four countries, photographed the insides of a tiny seed with a scanning electron microscope, used a staircase as a musical instrument, and learned to discern a Riesling from a Tokaji. Feed your interests, whatever they may be, and take advantage of having more than 28,000 peers to find the people who share your passion.
Why Iowa State
When I visited Iowa State I met some professors and students that really impressed me: scientists with a passion to better their world. I was also excited about the new global resource systems program. I'm in my third year in agronomy and global resource systems. I came into agronomy with an interest in indigenous crops and cropping systems. Three years later, I'm specializing in ecohydrology, but am still fascinated by millennia-old agricultural practices. The global resource systems program has allowed me to combine my interests in agroecology and anthropology and is the reason I'm currently on a research internship in Guatemala.
Greatest Experience at ISU
I will probably remember my semester in Guatemala as the highlight of my college years. With exposure to Guatemala's extreme poverty and under-investigated natural resources, I've seen many ways to put to good use the opportunities I've been so fortunate to have.
I'm the fundraising chair for the International Agricultural Club (IAAS) and have been involved with the Student Organic Farm. For the past two years, I was a peer mentor for the Global Resource Systems Learning Community, and I've worked in Heidi Asbjornsen's Ecohydrology Lab for the last year. My freshman year I worked in Jack Dekker's Weed Biology Lab.
International Experience
This semester, I'm researching cloud forest hydrology in Guatemala for my global resource systems internship. In the past, I've traveled to Chile and Serbia for the International Agricultural Club, to Uganda for ISU's school garden service-learning program, and to Peru as part of the World Food Prize Borlaug-Ruan Internship at the International Potato Center.