Matt Hansen

Kimballton, Iowa
Science With Practice - Getting paid for hands-on learning
Biofilter Research
My research was part of the Science With Practice program. I observed the use of biofilters at a hog facility and measured ammonia emissions. The biofilter was made up of woodchips, which are used to decompose microbes as the air moves out of the facility.
Hands-on Learning
Science With Practice and club memberships have broadened my experience at Iowa State. I have worked with two professors and have had laboratory experience and attended professional meetings. I hope to continue my education and career focusing on my research.
Planning to study in Denmark
I will be going to Denmark, Germany and Poland next summer! I am excited about the opportunity to broaden my research outlook and learn about agricultural practices in Europe. I enjoy the college’s multitude of opportunities. New students should be sure to take advantage of these opportunities and join clubs. This helps develop your professional, leadership and academic skills.